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          Grover Smith

          Partner & Organizer
          Grover Smith, partner and full time herder of cats at Indie Chefs Week, is obsessed with wine, whisky, food, and beer. While studying economics in college, he started his career in real estate and founded a series of businesses that included real estate sales, development, and foreclosure acquisition. After realizing money doesn’t bring you happiness, he transitioned into a career that involves the things that he obsesses over and has never looked back.

          Grover has been the general manager at acclaimed Texas restaurants such as Foreign & Domestic, Bernadine’s, and the Pass & Provisions. He lives in Houston with his wife Jackie, their two kitties, Harper Lee and Truman Capote, and their 12 year-old “puppy” Buckley. When he’s not organizing the next Indie Chefs Week event, you can find him on the golf course.



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          B.J. Smith

          Smokehouse Tavern, Smokehouse Provisions, Kim Jong Smokehouse
          Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

          B.J. Smith, “Top Chef Season 14” contestant, is the Owner and Executive Chef of Smokehouse Tavern and Kim Jong Smokehouse in Portland, Oregon as well as the newest Smokehouse location, Smokehouse Provisions, in Vancouver, Washington. Smith brings more than two decades of culinary experience to his role, applying both classic and modern cooking techniques to high quality ingredients. His love for cooking brought him to the former Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon where he graduated in 1997. Post graduation life led him to the kitchens of nationally acclaimed restaurants: Le Bernardin and Gotham Bar and Grill in New York City, Citrus in Los Angeles and Paley's Place, Veritable Quandary and Olea Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Smith conceived Smokehouse in 2010 as a way to apply all he had learned in his fine dining cooking career, but deliver an approachable menu where guests can get their hands dirty and reminisce over food as though at a good friend’s BBQ. His first location, Smokehouse 21, located in Northwest Portland, debuted in November of 2011, followed by Smokehouse Tavern in 2015, Vancouver’s Smokehouse Provisions in 2016 and Kim Jong Smokehouse in 2016.

          Richie Nakano

          Richie Nakano
          IDK Concepts
          San Francisco, CA

          RICHIE NAKANO is a chef and the founder of Hapa Ramen in San Francisco. Growing up in a Japanese-American family who loved sharing big meals triggered his interest in a food career. He worked as a waiter and bartender after high school and eventually enrolled in the California Culinary Academy. Richie started his career cooking Asian food, first at Sushi Ran and then Va de Vi and Pres a Vi. Looking to expand his repertoire, he then joined the team at Nopa, where he learned about seasonality, California ingredients, and layering flavors. At the same time, Richie was eating a lot of ramen throughout San Francisco and wanted a bowl that met his standards—made with better ingredients and proper technique. In 2010, he opened Hapa Ramen, a pop-up food stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. By teaming up with some of the best organic farmers and employing modern techniques, he pushed beyond the concept of what traditional ramen can be. He then opened Hapa, his first brick-and-mortar ramen noodle restaurant, in fall 2014, focusing on non-traditional Japanese ramen, and ran it to critical acclaims until late March 2015. In 2016 he founded IDK Concepts, a pop up collective and consulting firm.

          Allison Osorio

          Allison Osorio
          Los Angeles, CA

          Pastry Chef Allison Osorio is a Southern California native whose love of food has taken her on a journey from marketing the foods she loves to creating them in the kitchen. After beginning her career in the corporate world, her passion for cooking drove her to take a leap of faith – she enrolled in culinary school and moved to Paris to pursue her true passion. Since then, she’s accomplished what veteran pastry chefs strive for – running the dessert program at one of Los Angeles’ most prominent restaurants, Otium, alongside Chef Tim Hollingsworth where she continues to live her dream. During her time in Paris, Osorio completed her culinary training at the École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil and soon after landed in the kitchen of her dessert idol, renowned French pastry chef Pierre Hermé. She returned to Los Angeles after that and joined the team at iconic restaurant Bouchon where she trained under the acclaimed Chef Thomas Keller. In her current role as Pastry Chef at Otium, Osorio continues to evolve the dessert program along with the restaurant’s vibrant, seasonally changing menu. She draws a great deal of inspiration from her French background, childhood nostalgia and travel experiences to create imaginative, craveable desserts that have earned the praises of guests and critics alike.​

          Justin Carlisle

          Justin Carlisle
          Ardent MKE, Red Light Ramen, & Laughing Taco
          Milwaukee, WI

          Justin Carlisle grew up on a small beef farm in rural Wisconsin and food has always played a large part of his life. After starting out in small restaurants, the passion for cooking grew and help developed a love of food and hard work ethic. His restaurant Ardent - opened in October of 2013, has been named one of the 15 best new restaurants by Condé Nast Traveler; Best Restaurant in the State of Wisconsin by the Business Insider; and was named semifinalist for Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation. Justin is a James Beard Awards nominee for Best Chef Midwest for 2015, 2016 ; and he has been named nominee again this year on the same category. As Plate Magazine names him one of the top 30 chefs to watch in 2016. Justin is the chef and owner of Red Light Ramen and the recently opened Laughing Taco in Milwaukee. During his time as a Chef, Justin has continued to support the local food movement and use a modern technical approach to it.

          Justin Severino

          Cure PIttsburgh & Morcilla
          Pittsburgh, PA

          Justin Severino is the chef and co-owner of Cure, a neighborhood restaurant dedicated to local sourcing and seasonal cooking with an urban-Mediterranean influence, and nearby Morcilla, a spot serving pintxos and family-style dishes. Severino, a four-time James Beard Foundation award nominee for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic and a 2015 and 2014 winner of FOOD & WINE The People’s Best New Chef Mid-Atlantic, is a skilled whole animal butcher who brings an extensive charcuterie program and flavors of an Italian-American upbringing to his menu.

          Cure opened in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh in December 2011. In 2015, Pittsburgh Magazine name Severino Chef of the Year. In 2012, Cure was named one of the Top 50 Best New Restaurants by Bon Appétit magazine and one of the 25 Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh Magazine. Morcilla opened in December 2015 just a few blocks away from its older sibling, bringing Spanish-style charcuteria and traditional pintxos to the neighborhood. Since opening, Morcilla has been chosen by Pittsburgh Magazine as their 2016 Best New Restaurant, Bon Appetit ranked it number four in the country in their prestigious annual Best New Restaurants issue, and it was nominated for a 2016 James Beard Foundation in the national Best New Restaurants category.

          Justin Yu

          Theodore Rex, Public Services Wine and Whisky, and Better Luck Tomorrow
          Houston, TX

          Justin Yu is the Chef/Owner of Theodore Rex restaurant, Better Luck Tomorrow bar, and Public Services Wine and Whisky, all in Houston, Texas. He's a native Houstonian, and launched his first restaurant, Oxheart, in 2012. He followed that by opening Public Services, a wine and whisky bar with sommelier/partner Justin Vann in 2014, and Better Luck Tomorrow, a neighborhood bar with bartender/owner Bobby Heugel in 2017. Earlier this year, he transformed Oxheart into a modern bistro called Theodore Rex.

          Jason Greene

          The Grove Café
          Albuquerque, NM

          Jason Greene has owned and operated the celebrated Albuquerque landmark, The Grove Cafe & Market since 2006. The brunch staple he and his wife, Lauren, founded together, has received dozens of accolades and awards including best restaurant, best chef, and most recently appearing on the esteemed Good Food 100 List. Setting a standard in New Mexico for working with local farmers and artisans, Jason believes in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and creating a menu of food people love to eat. He continues to push the boundaries of brunch and proves it is the most important meal of the day.

          Edouardo Jordan

          Salare & JuneBaby
          Seattle, WA

          Edouardo Jordan was born and raised in St. Petersburg and attended college at the University of Florida. After graduating with dual degrees in business administration and sports management, Jordan decided to enroll in culinary school at the Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando. Following graduation from culinary school, Jordan’s ambition brought him to renowned restaurants such as The French Laundry, where he apprenticed, Per Se, and Lincoln Ristorante in New York. With thought of raising a family and opening a restaurant in mind, Jordan moved to Seattle where he began working at Sitka and Spruce as sous chef. In 2013, Jordan was asked to open Bar Sajor as chef de cuisine and used this as an opportunity to learn as much as he could about opening a restaurant. Taking this knowledge and experience he had gained from Bar Sajor, Jordan officially opened the doors to his restaurant, Salare, in June of 2015. Salare takes influences from France, Italy, the American south, and the Caribbean and has become one of Seattle’s hottest restaurants. In April 2017, Chef Jordan opened his second restaurant, JuneBaby and has already received much attention both nationally and locally. Chef Jordan was nominated for a James Beard Award in 2016, has been named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chef of 2016, Salare was listed as a best new restaurant in America in 2016 by Eater National, and is a 2017 James Beard Award finalist.

          Jeremy Fox

          Rustic Canyon, Esters, Tallula's
          Santa Monica, CA

          As a master of farmers’ market-driven cuisine, Jeremy Fox is the award-winning chef and On Vegetables cookbook author behind Rustic Canyon and Esters Wine Shop & Bar in Santa Monica, CA, as well as a partner at Rustic Canyon and Tallula’s.

          Before joining Rustic Canyon, Jeremy specialized in surprising palates with his finely finessed dishes of in-season fruits and vegetables at Ubuntu in Napa, CA, from 2007 to 2010, earning them a Michelin star. Prior to that, the chef honed his craft and food philosophy as chef de cuisine from 2003-2007 at the lauded Manresa in Los Gatos, CA under mentor David Kinch. He also staged in Europe at three Michelin-star properties: De Snippe in Bruges, Belgium, and St. John and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London.

          Jeremy has garnered four James Beard nominations for “Best Chef – West” as a finalist in 2009, 2010, 2016, and 2017. Additional accolades include Food & Wine’s “Best New Chef 2008” and top positions for Rustic Canyon from 2013-2016 in the Los Angeles Times’ “Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants.”

          His first cookbook, On Vegetables, was released by Phaidon in April 2017, and features 150 recipes that elevate vegetarian cooking and showcases Jeremy’s philosophy of “seed-to-stalk” cooking. The book demonstrates how to use the smallest “scraps” to eliminate food waste, all while making vegetarian cooking accessible and exciting.

          Ray Garcia

          Broken Spanish & B.S. Taqueria
          Los Angeles, CA

          Named Chef of the year by Esquire in 2015, the native Angelinos draws inspiration from the city’s rich culture, the wealth of Southern California produce, and classic training. At Broken Spanish Garcia expresses his style through bright, bold, and ingredient-driven dishes. His sister restaurant, B.S. Taqueria, has given him the opportunity to elevate Mexican cuisine, promoting the idea that ethnic food should not be relegated to a particular price bracket. Garcia hopes to usher in a new understanding and appreciation for Mexican food with quality sourcing and precise cooking.

          Aaron Martinez

          The Rose Café Restaurant
          Venice, CA

          Aaron is the Chef de Cuisine at our host restaurant, the Rose Café. Before working at the Rose, Aaron was a sous chef at Addison, In de Wulf, and the Chef de Cuisine of Quince and Commis in San Francisco.

          Jonathan Yao

          Los Angeles, CA

          Jonathan is a Taiwanese American who was born in LA. He operates a restaurant called Kato in West Los Angeles. They serve a rotating tasting menu focused mainly on seafood and the flavors of Taiwan and Japan.

          Nathan Lemley

          Foreign & Domestic Austin
          Austin, TX

          Nathan Lemley traces his passion for making food back to his nightly family dinners as a child growing up in Katy, Texas. Long before attending culinary school at The Art Institute of Houston, Nathan spent time watching his grandmother, who owned a bakery in Yoakum, Texas make cakes and pies. After culinary school, Nathan continued to climb the ranks in several of the best restaurants in Houston, including Tony’s, Voice, and Stella Sola. Later moving to work at the newly opened Foreign & Domestic and then Parkside in Austin, Texas.

          Recently Nathan and partner Sarah Heard purchased Foreign & Domestic, Austin in September of 2017 from founder Ned Elliott. Together they are working to produce interesting and satisfying food in the North Loop neighborhood restaurant.

          Ryan Lachaine

          Houston, TX

          Ryan Lachaine is the co-owner and Executive Chef of Riel. Recognized nationally in publications such as Esquire, Food & Wine, Business Insider and Tasting Table, Lachaine’s palette includes the culinary landscape of Texas’ gulf coast, Lachaine's Ukrainian heritage and his French-Canadian hometown (Manitoba). One of Houston’s most talked about chefs, Ryan received his Culinary Arts degree from The Art Institute of Houston. He worked at trailblazing Texas restaurants such as Gravitas, Stella Sola, Reef and was inducted into Eater’s 2013 class of Young Guns as the Chef de Cuisine at Underbelly. Lachaine staged at some of the country’s top restaurants, including Husk (Charleston, SC), Herbsaint Restaurant (New Orleans, LA), COI (San Francisco, CA) and Animal (Los Angeles, CA). In 2016, Ryan took a year off from the kitchen to plan Riel, continuing his culinary travels through the best restaurants in Canada and the United States. Over the past year, Lachaine focused his vision on what Riel would become; an articulation of his culinary point of view

          Jason Hook

          H20 Kitchen
          Philadelphia, PA

          Jason has an extensive career in New York Times and Michelin starred restaurants in the United States and France. He has worked in the elite kitchens of Alain Ducasse, Jean-Georges, Christian Delouvier, and Philip Legendre. Jason progressed through the ranks in top hotel companies including the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, and the St. Regis. He currently works as the chef and owner of H2O Kitchen and as a professional food photographer, consultant, and food stylist in Philadelphia, Berks County, and the Leigh Valley.

          Jillian Bartolome

          Houston, TX

          Jillian is the Pastry Chef of Paul Qui’s new restaurant in Houston, Aqui. With a start in Michelin-starred fine dining (Cyrus) and a rich experience in classic bakery and patisserie (Bouchon Bakery, Common Bond), she aims to craft desserts that are a balanced and intimate expression of her culinary experiences as a first generation American. Her modus operandi is simple: work hard, taste everything, pet all the dogs, listen before you speak, teach others, and be honest.

          Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins

          El Jardin
          San Diego, CA

          Claudette is currently a contestant on Top chef Colorado. Claudette's first memories are of food and growing up as a border kid she was exposed to some of the tastiest food in Baja. In 2016 she joined Javier Plascencia to help him open his project in San Diego. One of the many achievements during her role as CDC in Bracero, Zepeda-Wilkins' team was nominated as semi-finalists for The James Beard Foundation for Best New Restaurant and EATER recognized Bracero as one of the best restaurants in the US in 2016. Both honors are undoubtedly a great validation of the teamwork that she was a part of. Personal achievements include winning the Chef's Roll Chef's Plate 9 competition in Los Angeles and driving though the Rust belt doing pop ups with the CRUX collective, like minded Chef’s who collaborate with other Chef’s in cities throughout USA and in Canada. In late 2016, she participated in the second season of Top Chef Mexico and traveled throughout Mexico and learned the countries bountiful traditions. After Top Chef she joined the Rise & Shine Restaurant Group as R&D chef January 2017. Along with developing new concepts within the group, she's working on the build out of the group's first Mexican food concept where she will move from Corporate team member to Executive Chef of the regional Mexican cuisine restaurant, El Jardín which is located in the Historic Point Loma Liberty Station in San Diego. The restaurant is set to open in January 2018. Claudette is a wife and mother to two children, James & Hailey. Claudette credits her children as her main inspiration.

          Gabe Erales

          Dai Due Taqueria
          Austin, TX

          Gabe was raised heavily influenced by the Mexican culture around him. He was especially impacted by the food he grew up eating cooked by his Mother and Father before they moved to El Paso, TX from the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. He began working in kitchens at the age of 16 before moving to Austin where he graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Le Cordon Bleu with a degree in Culinary Arts. As the soul of his cooking lies in Mexican cuisine he spent time cooking locally working for the late Miguel Ravago at Fonda San Miguel and Rene Ortiz at La Condesa. He then led the kitchen at Geraldine’s (Hotel Van Zandt) focusing on menu development. Gabe’s most influential kitchen experiences have come from working for Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due and Rene Redzepi of Noma where he felt he learned the true meaning of maximizing local resources as well as head to tail for both animals and vegetables. Gabe most recently spent the spring of 2017 working in the Noma Mexico test kitchen for their Tulum residency. He is currently working with Jesse Griffiths to open Dai Due Taqueria this fall at the Fareground project in downtown Austin.

          Michael Fiorelli

          Love & Salt
          Manhattan Beach, CA

          Michael Fiorelli is the executive chef at Love & Salt, an Italian-inspired restaurant in Manhattan Beach that has garnered critical acclaim for Fiorelli's California-centric interpretations of Old World classics. Since opening the restaurant in November 2014 with owner Sylvie Gabriele, Love & Salt has received three star reviews from Los Angeles Magazine and LA Weekly, was named one of Angeleno Magazine's top ten openings of the year, one of New York Observer's top twelve LA openings, one Los Angeles Magazine's top ten openings of the year. A seasoned chef with extensive experience in some of the country's top kitchens, Fiorelli's culinary resume includes stints at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia, Mark's City Place in West Palm Beach, Simon LA in Los Angeles, and mar'sel at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

          Eric Samaniego

          Michael's on Naples
          Long Beach, CA

          Eric was born and raised in California and attended culinary school in Denver, CO. In his career he has held positions at Charlie Trotters, Sona, Comme ça. He was the opening chef at Little Bird and left in 2015 to become the Executive Chef at Michael's on Naples in Long Beach.

          Audrey Scheib

          Inn at Dos Brisas
          Brenham, TX

          Audrey Scheib is the pastry chef at the Relais and Chateaux at the Inn at Dos Brisas. Ever since she was a small child, she dreamed of becoming a pastry chef. She considers it a dream fulfilled at her current position and nothing makes her prouder than seeing smiling faces of the guests at her restaurant as they try her desserts.

          Gregory Gourdet

          Portland, OR & Denver, CO

          Gregory Gourdet is the culinary mastermind behind Departure restaurants in Portland, OR and Denver, CO, where he pairs local bounty with the bold flavors and traditions of Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea to create modern Asian fare. A Queens native who honed his culinary skills within celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant dynasty, the foundation of his cooking is based on technique-driven preparations layered with flavor complexity. A self-proclaimed health freak and avid runner, Gourdet views food as nourishment. His mindful life approach shines through in his cooking, as he offers diners dishes that allow freshness, seasonality, and bold, alternative ingredients to star on the plate.
          Since 2010, he has been running Departure Portland, the Nines Hotel's modern Asian rooftop restaurant. He quickly gained praise for his innovative dishes that combine local ingredients of the Pacific Northwest with meaningful preparations. In 2013, Gourdet was named Chef of the Year by the Oregon Department of Agriculture; he was dubbed Eater Portland’s Chef of the Year in 2014. In 2015, Gourdet was named a semifinalist by the James Beard Foundation for Best Chef: Northwest. He was also runner-up in Bravo’s Top Chef Season 12. Gourdet has played an integral role in Portland’s culinary boom over the past decade. He opened the second location of Departure in Denver, summer of 2016. He currently resides in Portland but splits his time between the two cities.

          Matt Casino

          Restaurant North & Market North
          Armonk, NY

          Matt Casino, the executive chef of Restaurant & Market North began working in restaurants at the age of 14, and from there spent time in some of the finest kitchens in American. Time spent at Philadelphia’s famed Le Be-Fin, under the tutelage of legendary Georges Perrier, provided Matt a firm rooting in classical French technique that still informs his cooking today. Working with Jose Garces at his eponymous restaurant Amada, Matt’s eyes widened to the flavors of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco—influences that he continually references in his cooking at North, always in a thoroughly American context. While at Eleven Madison Park, Matt spent time honing his skills on the intricacies of multicourse meals and the dynamic character of one of the world’s best restaurants. Under Certified Master Chef Ed Leonard Matt began to develop his craft at the Westchester Country Club in Rye, finding great teachings in the restaurants exacting standards and dizzying pace.
          Matt began his time at Restaurant North in the spring of 2012 showing great promise, and quickly rose to the position of sous chef, and ultimately chef de cuisine, alongside four-times James Beard Award nominated Chef Eric Gabrynowicz. Matt worked closely besides Eric, creating many of the dishes for which the restaurant has become known, all the while carving out a unique place for himself within the dining landscape of the Hudson Valley. Matt assumed the position of Executive Chef in the Summer of 2016, aged only 26.

          Doug Psaltis

          RPM Steak, RPM Italian
          Chicago, IL

          Chef Doug Psaltis has worked in some of the world’s most prestigious kitchens with the industry’s most lauded chefs, having earned three stars from The New York Times and a Michelin star while running the kitchen at Country restaurant in New York City. Today, he is part of the nationally renowned Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE) and serves as chef / partner of some of the company’s newest ventures—RPM Italian and RPM Steak—in conjunction with celebrity couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic and R.J., Jerrod and Molly Melman. He has also partnered with the Melman siblings to open some of Chicago’s most sought-after restaurants including BBQ and country music spot, Bub City; the tiki-inspired underground lounge, Three Dots and a Dash; lively neighborhood noodle shop, Ramen-san; joint restaurant and music-and-events space, Bub City & Joe’s Live, in Rosemont, Illinois; and the most recent expansion of RPM Italian to Washington, D.C. Psaltis and his partners also host each summer the Midwest’s premier country music, BBQ and craft beer festival, Windy City Smokeout. The team has several upcoming projects in the works, including a new venture in downtown Chicago set for 2017.

          Kristen Essig & Michael Stoltzfus

          New Orleans, LA

          Kristen & Michael are co-chefs and owners of Coquette. Coquette, a restaurant located in New Orleans Garden District, was opened by Michael in 2008 and Kristen joined the team in 2016. The Garden District building was built in the late 1880’s and has been among other things a residence, grocery store & auto parts store. Dining rooms on two floors and a 12 seat bar, Coquette offers innovative southern cuisine with an emphasis on locally sourced product. Featuring an accessible international (and largely natrual) wine list, classic and creative New Orleans cocktails and a well-traveled beer list. Kristen & Michael consider themselves lucky to work with small farms across the south as well as one of three restaurants that sponsors Paradigm Gardens, a urban farm in New Orleans Central City. Coquette is considered one of the "Top Ten Restaurants" in New Orleans by the Times Picayune (2017). Kristen has been named a James Bird Semifinalist for Best Chef in the South (2017), one of Coastal Living Magazines “5 Coastal Chefs to Watch” (2015), nominated as one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “The People’s Best New Chef” (2015), and one of Times Picayunes Chefs to Watch (2014). Michael has been named a Star Chef’s “Rising Star", Chef of the Year by New Orleans Magazine (2013) and a James Bird Semifinalist for Best Chef in the South (2013-2017).

          Min Kong

          Free Agent
          New York, NY

          With a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies & English Literature from Washington University and no prior cooking experience Min joined Chef Floyd Cardoz’s ranks at Tabla Restaurant, working all stations and eventually rising to tournant. Two years later, she joined Chef Carmellini at A Voce in Madison Square Park and went on to become a member of the opening team at his beloved Italian taverna, Locanda Verde, as sous chef. In 2011 Kong joined Chef Daniel Humm’s team at The NoMad where she served on the culinary team of both the Michelin-starred restaurant and the adjoining 168-room hotel. Kong later served as Executive Sous Chef at Carbone. Min's most recent position was heading the kitchen at seasonal, vegetable driven Little Park, as Chef de Cuisine.

          Patrick Feges & Erin Smith

          Feges Barbecue
          Houston, TX

          Patrick Feges
          Known in Houston’s culinary community as the “Whole Hog Guy”, Patrick Feges is a self-taught pitmaster and Purple Heart recipient from injuries sustained during a tour in Iraq. It was during his recovery that he was hit with the barbecue bug. Armed with an old, worn-out Brinkmann smoker and plenty of tenacity, Patrick experimented through trial and error before deciding to attend culinary school at The Texas Culinary Academy, the Cordon Blue, in Austin. There, surrounded by some of the best barbecue spots in Texas and learning classical basics in class, he began honing his approach to barbecue.

          In 2012, Patrick purchased a large smoking rig and launched Feges BBQ, catering events and executing pop-ups with non-traditional smoked cuts. In the ensuing years, he continued to train in some of the city’s most acclaimed kitchens including Underbelly, Brennan’s, Killen’s Barbecue and, most recently, Southern Goods, while building his business on the side.

          Erin Smith
          Erin Smith began her culinary career at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. After graduating at the top of her class, she took a position at New York City’s acclaimed Per Se restaurant, working under the culinary leadership of Thomas Keller and Jonathan Benno. Following that, Erin held positions with Italian Wine Merchants and Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca in New York before returning to her native Houston in 2010 to serve as executive chef of Plonk! Beer & Wine Bistro. She would go on to consult on the opening of Montrose’s Blacksmith, developing an award-winning menu for the craft coffee bar before taking over as culinary director for Blacksmith’s parent organization, Clumsy Butcher. In that role she oversaw both menu and staff development at The Hay Merchant, Anvil Bar & Refuge and The Pastry War while continuing to manage the culinary side of Blacksmith.

          In 2014, Erin was named executive chef of the new JW Marriott Downtown where she managed the property’s signature restaurant Main Kitchen as well as in-room dining and banquet operations. In May 2016, she competed in an episode of the Food Network series Chopped, beating out three rival chefs to win the high-visibility competition. Over the last year, Erin has worked as a sommelier at wine bar Camerata to hone her front-of-house skills.

          Josh Graves

          The Rose Cafe
          Venice, CA

          A Josh Graves was born and raised locally in Burbank, California. He attended CSCA in Pasadena, CA where he graduated with a degree in culinary arts in 2006. Graves found his calling for breads and pastry when he got a job at David Myers’ Boule in 2006. He went on to work at Mani’s on Fairfax where he furthered his knowledge of bread and pastry. Josh met Kris Morningstar in 2009 and they went on to open up Mercantile and District in Hollywood. In 2011 Josh opened up Ray’s and Stark Bar inside LACMA for the Patina Restaurant Group where he received recognition from Angeleno Magazine for Best New Pastry Chef 2012 and Zagat’s 30 Under 30. Josh’s next move was to Faith and Flower where he opened as Head Baker and took over as Pastry Chef in 2015.

          As the Pastry Chef of Rose Cafe – Restaurant Graves is responsible for the bread program, desserts, and viennoiserie. Although Graves was trained in classic French technique, he was born and raised here in Los Angeles, so his focus is to let local and seasonal ingredients speak for themselves. His philosophy is if you’re not having fun you’re doing something wrong.

          Andrew Wooton

          New York, NY

          Andy Wooton is a Sous Chef at Rebelle in NYC. Andy has cooked in kitchens all over the US including Texas, Colorado, California, and New York. Through his travels he has picked up many trade skills and secrets, and loves to share them. He enjoys hanging out with his dog in his free time and watching both kinds of football.

          Gunnar Gíslason

          Agern Restaurant
          New York, NY

          Icelandic born Gunnar Gíslason has garnered international acclaim for his creative style of cooking, his curious nature, a love for reviving traditions, and an eye for finding pristine products that have been applauded by guests and media alike.
          In 2009, in the midst of the worldwide financial crisis, he opened the restaurant Dill in Reykjavík. His contemporary cooking would celebrate Iceland’s pristine ingredients and artisanal producers, in a place otherwise heavily dependent on food imports. Dill has been nominated for the Nordic Prize and has won Iceland’s “Restaurant of the Year” every year since it opened.
          In 2016, Gíslason moved his family to New York City to open Agern Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal. Agern opened in April and was shortly thereafter awarded three stars by the New York Times and a Michelin star. Later that same year, Dill was awarded one Michelin star - the first Michelin star in Iceland.

          Cable Smith

          The Royal
          Washington, D.C.

          At age 26, Cable left his engineering job to attend culinary school in Austin, Texas. After culinary school, he packed up to travel and learn from some of the country's best chefs including Richard Blais (Juniper & Ivy), Ryan Smith & Hugh Acheson (Empire State South, Staplehouse), and Ned Elliot (Foreign & Domestic). Since moving to Washington D.C. in 2016, Cable is the Executive Chef of the Michelin Bib Gourmand winning restaurant, The Royal.

          Ferrell Alvarez

          Rooster and the Till
          Tampa, FL

          After starting as a dishwasher at the young age of 15, working as a eager prep cook throughout high school and eventually attending and graduating from Cincinnati Culinary Arts Academy in 1998, Chef Ferrell Alvarez made his way back to Tampa, Florida to further his professional career. There, he began as a line cook at Saddlebrook Resort and eventually finished out his four and a half year tenure as Sous Chef Tournant. He would then earn a position at the Tampa landmark, Mise en Place. There, he was able to work with Chef Marty Blitz and transition from lead cook to Sous Chef and ultimately being named as Chef Blitz’s Chef De Cuisine. Seven years later, Ferrell would take over at Cafe Dufrain as Executive Chef and turn it into a groundbreaking sustainable restaurant. In December of 2013, Chef Alvarez opened his own restaurant, Rooster and the Till with long time friend and business partner, Ty Rodriguez. R&tT is a 70 seat Modern American restaurant focusing on the best ingredients from nearby farms and gardens and preparing them with integrity, proper technique and lots of love. Just in first 10 months of being open, Rooster & the Till had earned both Best New Restaurant and Best Chef from Creative Loafing and Best New Restaurant from Florida Trend Magazine. Since, Chef has received a 2017 James Beard Best Chef South nomination, hosted guest chefs like Lincoln Carson to Eduardo Jordan and all the while building a second concept, Nebraska Mini Mart.

          Daniel Eddy

          New York, NY

          Daniel Eddy, a native New Yorker, began his culinary career in 2004. After four years of cooking in NYC, Daniel decided to travel, ultimately landing in Paris in 2009. There he had a chance to work with Daniel Rose at his acclaimed restaurant, Spring. Soon after, Chef Rose offered Daniel a post in the opening of his new restaurant. In May 2010, he returned to Paris, and after a year and a half, Chef Rose promoted Daniel to Sous Chef de Cuisine. After three years at Spring, Daniel returned home to NYC, and in April of 2015 he opened Rebelle restaurant, receiving critical acclaim and a Michelin star in its first year. Daniel resides in Brooklyn.

          Matthew Conroy

          Virginia's NYC
          New York, NY

          Matt Conroy is the Chef at Virginia’s, a modern American bistro in NYC’s East Village featuring a seasonally focused, market­driven menu and esoteric wine list. Conroy’s culinary awakening came early in life. By the age of 15 he spent most of his free time in kitchens of local restaurants in his hometown of Lawrence, Massachusetts. During these formative years he worked tirelessly in numerous kitchens while collecting cookbooks and studying all he could about the craft of cooking. At 22, Conroy became Sous Chef at Verde restaurant in Stratton, Vermont. There, while working under Chef Rogan Lechthaler, he gained his passion for using local produce and whole animals. After a three year stint in Vermont, Conroy was ready for his next challenge: a position in Boston at the critically acclaimed restaurant Craigie on Main, led by award­winning Chef Tony Maws. To take the next major step in his culinary career, Conroy then moved to NYC to join Chef Alex Stupak at the Empellon Cocina, taking a position as Sous Chef. Stupak has called Conroy one of the best up­and­coming young chefs to watch in NYC. Conroy was next able to pursue his passion for French cuisine as Chef of Little Prince in Manhattan, putting modern and classic techniques into practice on a daily basis. Now, as the Chef of Virginia’s, one of the East Village’s neighborhood gems, Conroy constantly updates the thoughtful, concise menu based on the seasonal markets that are so vital to NYC restaurants.

          Yoni Levy

          San Francisco, CA

          Yoni Levy grew up in California and began his culinary career in the Bay Area working at One Market and The Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur. Levy’s next stop was Boston to help open the Great Bay restaurant, He then moved to Chicago to work at Blackbird, Lula Café, The Bristol, and Old Town Social. Each chef Levy worked with instilled in him a deeper appreciation for building strong relationships with local farmers, ranchers, seafood suppliers, and the local community. Yoni was Chef de Cuisine at Flora restaurant in Oakland before opening Daniel Patterson’s Alta CA as Head Chef. Levy is currently the Executive Chef at Outerlands in San Francisco where he highlights local produce, seafood, and meat. Yoni’s goal at Outerlands is to run an honest, community based kitchen.

          Brittanny Anderson

          Metzger Bar and Butchery
          Richmond, VA

          Brittanny Anderson is the James Beard nominated chef of Metzger Bar and Butchery and the upcoming Brenner Pass. After five years cooking in New York, she returned to her hometown of Richmond, VA and opened Metzger in 2014, where she cooks modern German and Alpine cuisine influenced by the local produce of Virginia.

          Emily Chapman

          Reap & Sow Supper Club
          New York, NY

          Emily Chapman (formerly of Pasquale Jones/Louro/Tabla NYC) is the Chef of Reap and Sow Supper Club. She loves using fun ingredient combinations in her cooking, which may have helped her become a multiple, undefeated Chopped Champion on The Food Network. From farmers markets to private dinners, Emily tries her best to bring her passion and food to as many hungry people as possible. Loves: Funko Pops, Daredevil, and dogs. Hates: Being cold, raw carrots, and hotdogs.

          Alex Telinde

          Free Agent
          New York, NA

          Alex has always loved cooking since he was young and it has always brought him comfort. As soon as he was old enough to get a job, he found one in the kitchen at a popular Virginia Beach restaurant. He was so sure about a career in the culinary world that he enrolled in a program at school that allowed him to spend half of his day cooking.

          He searched out cooking competitions in Virginia while in High School, and competed in all of them; one of which rewarded him a full scholarship to the CIA in Hyde Park. He also racked up several titles in other compeititions and then competed nationally for SkillsUSA. After 2 years working in Virginia Beach, he relocated to Austin, TX where he worked at Foreign & Domestic for a few months before taking off to NYC to start his education at the CIA. Post-associates, Alex spent 6 months at SQPR in San Francisco, and then returned to NYC where he took part in numerous trails and stages all over the city. His latest stint has been in Boston at L’Espalier during a short, two month break from school. He officially graduates in April and will start a career either in Tarrytown or Hudson, New York.

          Cara Stadler

          Tao Yuan / Bao Bao Dumpling House
          Brunswick & Portland, ME

          Cara Stadler is a four time nominated James Beard Rising Star Chef and Food and Wine Best New Chef 2014. She trained internationally under Guy Savoy and Gordon Ramsay then traveled and worked in China and Singapore for four years. Her food is a culmination of her travels, heavily influenced by Asian flavors, French technique, and Maine's local produce.
          Photo by Ted Axelrod

          Jason Neroni

          Venice, CA

          Jason is a Chef Partner in the Rose Cafe in Venice and is the host of Indie Chefs Week LA.. He has spent time as Executive Chef at Superba Food & Bread and before that was in NYC where he received a 3 star review from the NY Times at 10 Downing Food & Wine.


          Ryan Santos

          Cincinnati, OH

          Ryan is the chef owner of Please Restaurant in Cincinnati. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, Santos originally set out to be a graphic designer. But after moving back home to Cleveland after school and taking a job under Chef Nolan Konkoski at the French-inspired Tartine Bistro, Santos says he found a passion and wanted to do and learn “anything and everything” in the kitchen. After two years at Tartine, he moved to Salt of the Earth in Pittsburgh, working under Chef Kevin Sousa, then traveled from L.A. to Virginia, working under various chefs he admired. After tiring of the nomadic lifestyle, he stopped in Cincinnati for a summer to try his hand at pop-up dinners under the Please moniker.

          Apple Stoops

          Houston, TX

          Apple was born in Udon Thani, Thailand. She grew up on her family's small farm, where they raised everything from rice and mangoes to pigs and ducks. When she wasn't helping around the farm, she was catching bugs, hunting paddy crabs, and finding other good things to eat. Later on she went to university in Chiang Mai, and continued to find good things to eat- this time in every restaurant, shop, stand, and stall worth visiting. She also met PJ in Chiang Mai, and after a few years they got married. PJ somehow convinced her to move to Texas. They settled in Lake Jackson, where they launched their fishmongering business. After years of fishmongering, and eating every edible thing they found in the Gulf, Apple and PJ were asked to open Foreign Correspondents. There Apple created a menu based on her love and knowledge of the cuisines of the northeastern and northern parts of Thailand, using mostly locally grown ingredients (the joy's of Houston's semi-tropical climate!). Her work (with a little help from PJ) led to Foreign Correspondents being named one of Bon Appetits "America's Best New Restaurants" in 2016. Since the sudden closure of the restaurant, Apple has been catering private dinners and events around Houston, still cooking the best Isaan food to be had in in the city. She and PJ are also working on their fish book- a definitive and extensive guide to everything edible in Texas saltwaters.

          Lyle Bento

          Southern Goods
          Houston, TX

          Lyle is a chef with exceptional vision for the flavors of the dishes he creates with his team. Formerly sous chef at Houston icon Underbelly, Lyle has honed his craft over the years. Before opening Southern Goods he traveled to southern states to develop a palette and experiment with new ideas of what it means to cook southern food. Choosing unique and carefully curated ingredients bring each dish on the menu to life.

          Page Pressley

          Emmer & Rye
          Austin, TX

          Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Page Pressley was drawn into the kitchen at a young age as his Italian godmother prepared robust dishes with fresh, quality ingredients. After working as a line cook in Santa Fe, Pressley was inspired to pursue a more formal education at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

          Upon graduating and returning to the southwest, Pressley managed kitchens at several highly acclaimed fine-dining establishments, including the praised Trattoria Nostrani in Santa Fe and The Bellagio’s Le Cirque in Las Vegas.

          Pressley made the move to Texas in 2011 to join the Uchi team as sous chef, working alongside Chef de Cuisine Kaz Edwards as an essential member of the Uchi Houston opening team. After two years of crafting menus and developing Uchi Houston, he moved to Austin to take the position of chef de cuisine at Uchiko. Pressley left briefly in 2014 to become the corporate executive chef at Starr Restaurants in Philadelphia, where he oversaw forty restaurants. He returned to Austin when he was asked to run the team at St. Philip as executive chef.

          Pressley brings his talent, vision, creativity, and work ethic with him as chef de cuisine at Emmer & Rye, which opened in November 2015 on Rainey Street. Helmed by Executive Chef Kevin Fink, one of Food & Wine’s 2016 “Best New Chefs,” Emmer & Rye brought a unique dining experience to Austin, as the restaurant is the city’s first to offer contemporary American seasonal small plates passed on circulating carts as part of their meal. The restaurant has been included in Bon Appétit’s “America’s Best New Restaurants 2016” list as well as Texas Monthly’s 2016 “Where To Eat Now” list.

          Christine Rivera

          Galaxy Taco
          La Jolla, CA

          Born and raised in San Diego, California. Chef Christine Rivera has always had a love for Mexican Food and Culture, which is where she draws her inspiration for her cooking. Her restaurant career began as a dishwasher at a local seafood restaurant by her parent’s house. Today she is the Chef de Cuisine at Partner/Executive Chef Trey Foshee’s Galaxy Taco, a causal Mexican eatery recently opened in La Jolla Shores.

          While in culinary school Christine gained experience by working at various kitchens throughout San Diego including Kensington Grill, Premiere Foods and the Ocean Terrace/California Modern at George's at the Cove. She has also staged in varies national acclaimed kitchens such as Taco Maria in Orange County and Cosme in New York City. In 2016, Christine was awarded one of Eater Young Gun 2016, for her tortilla/masa program she has built at Galaxy Taco. Here is where she is able to apply her craft to make the perfect tortilla from heirloom blue corn from Mexico.

          Jason Neroni

          The Rose
          Venice, CA

          Chef at The Rose in Venice, CA. Opened B-side Pizzeria in NYC. Previously at Superba Snack Bar, Chez Panisse, Spago, Le Cirque 2000, Tabla, Essex House. Eater LA's 2012 Chef of the Year, dad, husband, pizza lover & star wars freak.

          Julia Doran

          Houston, TX

          Julia is the Pastry Chef and Sous at Bernadine's in Houston. She previously worked at Magnolia Bakery, Craft, Fat Cat Creamery, and the Pass & Provisions. When not working she enjoys petting her dog, eating in Chinatown with her husband Adam, and enjoying the amazing museums in Houston.

          Sterling Ridings

          Austin, TX

          Born and raised Austinite. Cooking for twelve years. French trained (owing no small part to Ned) also trained in Japanese. Father of two little boys, husband to a babe. I really like tacos, egg rolls and Lyonnaise salads. Head Chef of Guild, a new restaurant coming to Austin in 2017. Before Guild, Sterling formerly worked at Foreign & Domestic and Uchiko, as Executive Chef.

          Amanda Rockman

          Café No Se
          Austin, TX

          Amanda Rockman’s interest in the culinary field began at an early age. Growing up in Katy, Texas, she was inspired by the dinner parties her mom would throw for friends. Rockman remembers seeing her mom dust the outline of the Kremlin on a chocolate sachertorte, thinking it was the coolest thing she’d seen. Her mom’s passion for food sparked the same interest in her.

          Rockman went on to attend The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where she received her A.O.S. in Baking and Pastry Arts and completed an internship under Emily Luchetti at Farallon in San Francisco. Her career then took her to Chicago, where she worked at the acclaimed TRU, Spring, three Michelin-starred L.2o, and The Peninsula Hotel. Rockman also opened The Bristol, Balena and Thompson Hotel’s Nico Osteria as Executive Pastry Chef.

          Having previously worked in Austin as Executive Pastry Chef at Fino and Asti, Rockman returned to Texas in 2015 as Executive Pastry Chef at South Congress Hotel. There, she oversees the pastry and bakery programs for in-room dining, banquets, and the hotel’s four food & beverage outlets: Café No Sé, Central Standard, Mañana Coffee & Juice, and the Stephen F. Frostin’ ice cream truck.

          Rockman was named a James Beard Foundation Award Semifinalist in 2015, received the Jean Banchet Pastry Chef of the Year Award in 2011 and 2012, and was named Chicago Tribune’s Pastry Chef of the Year in 2012. She has appeared on Top Chef Just Desserts, Hungry Hound, The Better Show, and Windy City Live. She currently writes her own pastry blog, Pastrylandia.

          Tim Archuleta

          ICHI Sushi
          San Francisco, CA

          Chef/Owner of ICHI Sushi in San Francisco. Tim is an 18-year veteran sushi chef, uses traditional Japanese ingredients and ethics with a sustainable approach. ICHI was named a SF Chronicle Top 100 Restaurant 2014.

          Carlos Salgado

          Taco Maria
          La Jolla, CA

          Host of Indie Chefs Week SoCal and Executive Chef/Owner of Taco Maria in Costa Mesa, CA. Previously at Winterland, Coi, Commis. Mixes traditional and modern Mexican flavors, techniques, and ingredients in prix-fixe meals.

          Adam Puskorius

          Fixe Restaurant
          Austin, TX

          After various front and back of house positions just out of high school and in college, Adam started his culinary journey under the tutelage of Emmett and Lisa Fox at Asti Trattoria. From there, Adam was the CDC at Mark's and Polo's in Houston before taking over as a Chef Partner with Eddie V's where he opened their locations as Executive Chef In Houston, Tampa, Orlando, Virginia, and Chicago. He spent three years at their Chicago location before moving home to open his own Stoked Tacos and Tequila in Houston. Adam now lives in Austin with his wife April, dog Rambo, and "soon-to-be" little girl Addison. Adam is the Executive Chef of Fixe in downtown Austin as they look to expand to Forth Worth in 2018.

          Misti Norris

          Petra and the Beast
          Dallas, TX

          Misti Norris is a North Carolina native and was raised in Houston and Dallas. She is now the chef and creator of Petra and the Beast, a series of pop up dinners with a focus on the use of farms, foraging, fermentation and fire. Mist is the former Executive Chef at Small Brewpub and was a Sous Chef at FT33.

          Aron Habiger

          Vacation Bar
          Santa Ana, California

          Chef Aron is the Executive Chef of Vacation Bar and also runs a roving dinner series called On the Lam. He hails from the Pacific Northwest and made a name for himself in Orange County at such restaurants as The Crosby and The North Left before landing a coveted gig as Chef de Cuisine at Petit Trois under Chef Ludo Lefebvre.

          Jose Salazar

          Salazar / Mita's
          Cincinnati, OH

          Chef Jose Salazar was born in Colombia, South America and raised in Queens, NY. Jose got his start as a bartender and waiter at some of New York’s hottest establishments—among them, Donatella Arpia’s Bellini. However, it was the kitchen that eventually caught his eye. Upon graduating from the New York Restaurant School in 2001, he interned with famed Chef Jean George Vongerichten at his namesake restaurant: Jean George. After, he worked with some of New York’s most celebrated chefs and restaurateurs—Geoffrey Zacharian of Town; Josh De’ Chellis of Sumile, Eric and Bruce Bromberg of Blue Ribbon. However, it was Chef Thomas Keller who made the most palpable impression on Jose’s cooking philosophies. In 2003, he opened Chef Keller’s acclaimed Per Se restaurant as chef de partie. Then in 2006, he opened Chef Keller’s Bouchon Bakery, where he rose to the position of Executive Sous Chef.

          In 2008, Jose took his talent to Cincinnati, Ohio to be the Executive Chef of The historical Cincinnatian Hotel and Palace restaurant. It was here Jose honed his style of cooking, incorporating ingredients and techniques of the Americas, Europe, and Japan. Since his arrival to the Queen City, Jose’s garnered national attention: in 2011 Food & Wine magazine awarded him People’s Choice “Best New Chef.”

          In December 2013, Jose and his wife Ann opened Salazar, their much anticipated restaurant in Over the Rhine. Salazar was an instant hit. The little forty-five-seater modern bistro is always packed, and despite being just four years old, is recognized as one of the best restaurants in the city. Jose and Ann then opened Mita’s in August 2015, located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. In just a year-and-a-half Mita’s—which focusus on the cuisine of Spain and Latin America—has already set itself apart receiving praise from countless publications, both locally and nationally.

          Chef Salazar is a 2016 and 2017 James Beard Nominee for “Best Chef Great Lakes.”

          Adam Brick

          Austin, TX

          Adam Brick is the Chef/ Partner of the forthcoming Marina's in Austin, TX. Before Marina's, Brick was the opening Chef de Cuisine of Apis and Pizzeria Sorellina in Spicewood where Brick led the team to much acclaim. While at Apis Brick was awarded a rising star chef from Star Chefs, 30 under 30 rising stars for Zagat, and led the restaurant to the highest numerically rated review ever written by the Austin American Statesman. Brick is diligently working on his forthcoming project Marina's set to open in 2018.

          Kristine Kittrell

          Weather Up
          Austin, TX

          Kristine Kittrell was a traveler before she was a cook. Originally from Canada, she migrated to the Caribbean after college and discovered ceviche, jerk pork, and fried plantains (among other un-Canadian cuisines). After two years, she left to visit parts of the Mediterranean, Mexico, and South Asia, digesting the culinary culture at every stop. When she landed in Austin in 1997, Kristine began working at Jeffrey's Restaurant. Kristine left Jeffrey's in 2003 to found El Chile Cafe y Cantina. Two years later, she helped open that restaurant's "little brother," El Chilito.

          After five years with El Chile, Kristine left to further her culinary studies. She staged in Barcelona, working at Michelin starred Comerc 24 and Cinc Sentits, and spent a summer studying pastry in Vancouver, B.C. After two years as executive chef at Mulberry, a downtown wine bar, she moved to Weather Up where she became the Executive Chef of an amazing little kitchen under the stairs. While the kitchen still thrives under her leadership, Kristine has broadened her scope of work at Weather Up Austin, where she is now the managing partner. She plays a key role in syrup and cocktail development, curates and coordinates events such as the annual Billy Reid shindig during SXSW, and polishes a lot of glassware. Weather Up is more than a job for Kristine; it is a family affair.

          Nicholas Wilkins

          Porta Restaurant Group
          Asbury Park & Jersey City, NJ

          Born and raised on the south west coast of England. Nicholas draws on his heritage, history and world cuisines, to put his own spin on dishes. Blending classical techniques with a modern approach and seasonal ingredients. Previously at Gees Restaurant Oxford, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at Claridges, Restaurant Nicholas. Currently with Porta restaurant group.

          Jonathan Peters

          Clark's Oyster Bar
          Austin, TX

          (The person, not the horse.) A Texas native, Jonathan moved to Chicago in 2003 after the dotcom bubble burst, and started flipping burgers in a late-night bar for fun. After attending culinary school in London, he moved to Los Angeles in 2005, then returned to Texas in 2013 to be able to spend more time with family and listen to more country music. After helping open Rapscallion in Dallas 2 years ago, he returned to Austin and is now Chef de Cuisine at Clark's Oyster Bar.

          Joel Orsini

          Dallas, TX

          From a young age, Chef Joel Orsini’s life has been centered around the kitchen. With a pair of skilled home cooks for parents and a family bond forged at the table, he learned to love food early on and dreamed of a career as a chef since age 12. This goal drove him to the Culinary Institute of America and positions in kitchens throughout New York City, gaining expertise that he would eventually bring him back to his home state of Texas.

          During his time in New York, Joel served as Sous Chef at Beacon Restaurant, where he trained under Chef Waldy Malouf and gained an intimate knowledge of open-fire cooking, which he considers now a foundation of his culinary style. He then joined the team at Jean-Georges, where he helped maintain the restaurant’s three-Michelin star record. Returning to Texas, he played an integral part in some of Austin’s most respected kitchens, including Uchiko and Foreign & Domestic. His curiosity of the state’s food culture brought him to Dallas. Now Sous Chef at FT33, he maintains the simple and passionate approach to food that he cultivated at the family table. His focus is on suffusing dishes with the careful attention and love that truly create a memorable meal. His goal is for guests to experience “a feeling of comfort like walking into the home of a close friend.” Joel has made contributions to the opening of our sister restaurant, Filament and we are now excited to have his experience in the FT33 kitchen.

          Trevor Kunk

          The Breslin
          New York, NY

          Chef Trevor Kunk joined the Breslin team as Executive Chef after spending two years in Napa Valley as the Culinary Director for Press Restaurant and the Oakville Grocery. Trevor is excited to be coming home to New York City where he formerly served as Chef de Cuisine under Dan Barber's Blue Hill New York.

          Scott Vivian

          Beast Restaurant
          Toronto, ON

          In June of 2010 Scott was able to fulfil his dream of owning a restaurant by taking over the culinarily historical space on 96 Tecumseth Street. His passion of supporting local artisans is the number one philosophy at Beast Restaurant. With a weekly changing menu, Scott allows seasonal produce and top quality Ontario ingredients to become the focal point of the gastronomic experience that is offered.

          Justin Carlisle

          Milwaukee, WI

          Chef/Owner of Ardent in Milwaukee, WI. Has cooked at The Greenbrier Resort, Tru, Harvest Restaurant, Restaurant Muramoto, 43 North. Was nominated for James Beard Best Chef Midwest, uses a modern technical approach to support the local food movement.


          Eric Gabrynowicz

          Armonk, NY

          Executive Chef/Partner at Restaurant North in Armonk, NY. CIA Grad, cooked at Union Square Café. Focuses on refined farm-to-table New American fare. Named Zagat Top Newcomer, nominated for James Beard Rising Chef & Best Chef Northeast, & named Food & Wine Magazine’s People’s Best New Chef NY 2012.


          Aaron Hoskins

          Birds and Bubbles
          New York and Columbia, SC

          Chef Aaron Hoskins started his culinary career after relocating to Richmond, VA in mid-2008. Soon after began working his way through some of the city’s best restaurants, including Comfort, Secco Wine Bar, and The Rogue Gentlemen. Here, he accumulated numerous local and national mentions and accolades, including a glowing 4/4 star review from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Known for modern yet simplistic food, Aaron found his way into the growing conversation of Richmond as one of America’s next great food cities. Commanding a small 2-person team at The Rogue Gentlemen, Aaron brought dynamic, seasonal food and tasting menus that The Washingtonian Dining Editor Todd Kliman found to be “unimprovable” and “composed, beautiful, and exacting.” Further, Richmond Magazine proclaimed the food was equal to that of “any first-rate food Mecca on the map” and The Local Palate stated that “this fellow will wow you.” After leaving The Rogue Gentlemen Aaron moved on to be Chef de Cuisine of 2012 Food & Wine Best New Restaurant, Cure, in Pittsburgh, PA. In September 2015, Aaron relocated to New York City to work with Chef Sarah Simmons and City Grit Hospitality Group on current and future projects in Columbia, SC and elsewhere.

          Aron Habinger

          On the Lam
          OC, CA

          Chef Aron hails from the Pacific Northwest and made a name for himself in Orange County at such restaurants as The Crosby and The North Left before landing a coveted gig as Chef de Cuisine at Petit Trois under Chef Ludo Lefebvre. Now, he's getting back to his roots by creating a series of pop up dinners titled: on the lam. A nomadic dining experience that seeks to capture the landscape of the pacific northwest through dishes that are deliciously designed, earthy and mystical. He chars, roasts and smokes a lot of his ingredients to capture that feeling of being on a campsite by the lake in his home state of Washington.

          James Mark

          Providence, RI

          Cook/owner/dishwasher/garbageman/electrician/plumber/demolition man of north and north bakery in Providence, RI. Helped open Momofuku Ko and Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC. Cooks nontraditional American food, the occasional loaf of bread, but mostly just spins in circles.


          Matthew Gaudet

          Superfine Food / Kitchen & Cocktails
          Manchester by the Sea & Cambridge, MA

          In the spring of 2012, Gaudet opened West Bridge with partner Alexis Gelburd-Kimler where he showcased his talents for French cuisine, while continuing the tradition of utilizing local products and a refined, contemporary style. In it’s first year West Bridge and Chef Gaudet received many accolades. After receiving an amazing 3 ½ out of 4 star review from the Boston Globe the national press caught on. GQ’s Alan Richman named them one of the 12 Best New Restaurants, Bon Appetit added West Bridge to their Top 50 New Restaurants of 2013 and Food & Wine Magazine named Matthew as one of their Best New Chefs 2013. After almost four years, the partners then sold West Bridge to pursue new adventures in new parts of the world. In 2016, Matthew created Superfine with his two partners, a product driven, fast casual concept on the North Shore of Massachusetts in the coastal towns of Manchester-by-the-Sea as well a second on the way in Marblehead. With a small menu of local and simply prepared foods for people all ages, Superfine will be a household name. The multi unit restaurant will feature pizzas, ribs, burgers, seafood and lots and lots of vegetables. In 2017 he will open Kitchen & Cocktails at the Freepoint Hotel in Cambridge, Mass.

          Ian Boden

          The Shack
          Staunton, VA

          Chef/Owner of The Shack in Staunton, VA. Previously at The Staunton Grocery and Glass Haus Kitchen. Nominated for James Beard Awards’ Best Chef Mid-Atlantic, and the Shack was named one of the Best New Restaurants in the South by Southern Living Magazine. Neither a Yank nor a southern gent, cooking in a town you've never heard of with some Jewish soul.

          David Santos

          Good Stock
          New York, NY

          Chef David Santos brings a wealth of culinary knowledge to Good Stock. The son of Portuguese immigrants, he was immersed in food, cooking, and the act of sharing meals with friends and family from a young age. After graduating from Johnson & Wales, Dave honed his craft at some of the best restaurants in New York City, including Bouley & Per Se. He then launched Um Segredo, an ever-changing supper club hosted in his apartment, and developed a cult following of supporters. He then opened his own restaurant, Louro, to critical acclaim in 2012. After being recruited by Ben, Dave decided to join Good Stock, bringing his creative ideas and rigorous fine-dining techniques to the world of soup.

          Rich Parente

          Clock Tower Grill
          Brewster, NY

          Chef/Co-Owner with his wife Cassie of Clock Tower Grill, in Brewster, NY. Focuses on local, sustainable ingredients and having fun. Clock Tower Grill was just named named one of the best new restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

          Brett Cooper

          San Francisco, CA

          Brett is the Chef/Owner of Michelin starred Aster, in San Francisco. He trained at Rubicon x Coi x Saison, on to lead the expansion of Outerlands, and is now cuddling with his awesome team in the Mission district.

          Kendall Melton

          Contigo and Chicon
          Austin, TX

          Kendall was on the opening team of Contigo Austin as their pastry chef in 2011 and endowed the position with joy, passion, and lots of love for three years. After some time away at Odd Duck and opening Al Fico, she has returned home to the family of Chicon, Contigo, and Contigo Catering. Kendall enjoys hiking, reading scientific books about animals, and looking after her three very well-fed rescue cats. She also sojourns frequently to Paris, where she stages at local boulangeries and patisseries. And to eat the bread & cheese.

          Justin Severino

          Pittsburgh, PA

          Executive Chef/Owner of Cure in Pittsburgh, PA. Previously at Bernardus Lodge, Bouche, L’Auberge Carmel, Manresa. Butcher dedicated to supporting ethical farming practices, humane animal husbandry, sustainability, traditional cooking techniques.


          Craig Thornton

          Los Angeles, CA

          Craig, also known as Wolvesmouth, is the Owner/Chef of Wolvesden and Sharksteeth, an underground supper club in Los Angeles, CA.

          Ned Elliott

          Foreign & Domestic Restaurants
          Founder of Indie Chefs Week

          Ned Elliott was the founder at critically acclaimed Austin restaurant Foreign & Domestic, which opened its doors in 2010. But his story begins in his childhood hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up gardening in a home where food played an integral role in daily life. Ned was raised by two women, his mothers Sandra and Linda, who shared their love of gardening, cooking and baking with him. Both taught him that life should be about continuous learning, an idea that eventually propelled Ned into culinary school.

          Eager to further his career outside of his schooling at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, Ned left the CIA to begin staging at various restaurants in New York City and eventually landed a job at Tabla Restaurant. He continued building an impressive resume as he worked for such prestigious New York restaurants as the Essex House under Chef Alain Ducasse, Picholine, and Country. “My mantra is attention to detail,” says Elliott; “[my mentor] Chef Doug Psaltis instilled this in me and it is an important part of how we define Foreign & Domestic.”

          Ned has been inspired by the many young chefs he has met through social media and events, and wanted to establish and host an event to bring them together and encourage collaboration between these creative minds. In 2013, Foreign & Domestic hosted the first Indie Chefs Week, bringing in over 20 chefs to cook together and learn from each other. The event was successful for both attending chefs and guests, and he made plans not only to host the event each year, but to expand to other cities and reach out to more chefs. He is busy recruiting chefs for upcoming Indie Chefs events.



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