Chefs! Want to participate?

We want to hear from you! We’ve always scoured social media, asked for referrals, and leaned on our extended network of chefs, restaurateurs, and industry peeps to find chefs to participate. However, we realize that we could be missing out on some amazing talent and want to widen our search.

The ideal candidate is an amazing cook, runs his or her own place (or is a CDC or sous) at an independent restaurant, comes with a positive attitude and is ready to collaborate and make friends. That’s pretty much it. If you fit the bill, please submit a complete application below. We have not filled out our 2018 rosters yet.

If we don’t reach out immediately, don’t fret. Please only submit one application; multiple submissions will disqualify you from consideration. Your submit form must be complete to be considered. Thank you for your interest!

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